Course Requirements:


1. Weekly reflective journal (25 marks):
  • This is probably the most important requirement for the course. Your weekly thoughts and reflections should synthesize your readings, the class discussions, your experiences as a student, your experiences as a teacher and researcher. The reflections should/could be broken down into three parts: SELF, SCHOOL, STUDENT:
    • Self: Definitions, research, background on chapter topics; relate the topic to what you are doing now; self-assessment survey to help you create a personal plan.
    • School: relate topics/technologies to your school and school board/district; learn how to build relationships with other schools and within yours.
    • Student: apply research and concepts to classroom and collaborative projects; understand the practical classroom and project examples relating to the topics and research.

2. The Literature Review
  • Since Endnote is free for McGill staff and students we will be using Endnote and EndNote Web group options to share links and references. How does this technolgoy impact the way you do research? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages.



Class Activities