Weekly Journal/Blog ~ 20%
Collaborative Work ~ 30%
Presentation ~ 20%
Final Project ~ 30%

1. Weekly Journal/Blog Reflection (20 marks):
  • Each week you may write about the group discussion, what I talk/lecture about, what we do in class (labs, group work, etc.), and the readings. It's really important to articulate what you really think about the topics.
  • Do NOT tell me what you think I want to know !
  • Please submit your entry below my weekly class prompt.
  • This assignment is worth 20 marks and usually makes a difference between a B+, A- or an A. You must reflect and think about how technology impacts your various roles (student, teacher, administrator, learner, etc. etc.).
  • Sometimes throughout the course you will also be asked to discuss/react to one of your readings. These instructions will be provided in the module used during the given week. During these instances your entry for the week should be longer than usual (i.e. an extra paragraph or two devoted to your thoughts on the article). Sometimes this reflection will be posted on the forum discussion. If you have not been given specific questions to write about, you may select one or more of the following:
    • What's good: What did you find interesting or insightful about the reading. Did you appreciate their presentation of the theory, example applications or demonstrations, or their analysis and evaluation?
    • What's bad: What did you find confusing or unsupported in the work. Did they present theory without evaluation, or did the topic seem poorly developed and trivial? Were there flaws or problems they didn't adequately address?
    • Was it peer reviewed?
    • What did you learn today?
    • How do you feel about the technology? (more/less comfortable)
    • What was the most useful/meaningful thing you learned in today's class?
    • How could you apply the content of today's class in your personal, academic, or future professional life?

2. Collaborative Work (group discussion, wiki, Twitter, class participation)(30 marks):

3. Emerging Technologies Presentation (20%)

4. Major 'final' Project (30%)