The Flipped Classroom supports Universal Design Principles for Learning. We wanted to finish the class presentations by adding an inclusive and new trend in educational design. All UDL principles can be built into the design of the flipped classroom, and continuous learning is fostered through learning in and outside the classroom.

“The classroom will be a place for active interaction, not passive listening and daydreaming. The role of the teacher will be that of a mentor or coach as opposed to a lecturer, test writer, and grader. The institutions that will remain relevant will be those that leverage this paradigm, not fight it." (Khan, 2013)

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We created our presentation via an app because we wanted all our materials in one place for delivery, but also to show the class how powerful an app can be. It can be easily accessible at anytime, anywhere, from a mobile device or laptop. Here are some steps in creating the free app:
1. Go to the website:
2. Create an account
3. To create an app similar to ours, you have to create different pages (icons) for each section
4. You can upload your own photos, videos, documents and you can also link blogs/surveys/social media, etc.
5. Blogs and comments have to be moderated and approved
6. You can also use to create free quizzes and tests with automatic individual grading and live feedback can be provided.
7. Test it first!

* Easy to use and free! :)